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MYR 2,560.00

(Inclusive of SST 0.00%)

Weight : 55 Kg

Warranty Period : 1 Year

  • Cooling Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Lifestyle Convenience
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Energy Efficiency


Product Description

Cooling Comfort

·         Upgraded Fan Motor Design

Precise airflow control through the Silicon- ControlledRectifier (SCR) continuous fan motor allows for seamless and quieter transitions between fan speeds. Personalise with 5 selectable fan speeds , or choose from a suite of built-in presets including Sleep, Powerful and Quiet modes.

·         Powerful Mode

Once activated, this feature will engage the indoor fan motor to run at maximum speed for 20 minutes. The turbo airflow enables the desired temperature to be achieved faster, especially in larger spaces.


·         Flexible Piping

Designed for your convenience, this series come with piping lengths up to 30m, for high flexibility in system design and installation.

·         Auto-Restart with Surge Protection

If there is a sudden power failure, the unit will automatically restart with 64 different recovery patterns according to its last settings. This also prevents a sudden surge of electricity to your power source.

Lifestyle Convenience

·         Sleep Mode

 Unwind at the end of the day with Sleep Mode, which gradually increases set temperature according to regular sleeping temperature patterns for an effortlessly personalised sleeping environment.

·         Quiet Mode

Reduce background noise with Quiet Mode, which decreases the sound pressure level to as low as 25dBA, barely louder than the rustling of leaves.

·         Timer

This timer can start or stop the air conditioner within a 24-hour period and can be preset in 30 minute steps using the wireless remote controller. The On Timer and Off Timer can be used  in combination.

Cleaner Environment

·         Cleaner Air

 The Saranet Air Filter and Micron-level fiber traps airborne dust particles in the air. The filters can be easily accessed or replaced without tools via the detachable front panel

·         iPlasma Technology

 Our advanced plasma ion technology purifies and sterilizes the air by effectively removing airborne contaminants, as well as deactivating harmful bacteria by damaging their microbial DNA and surface structures without causing harm to  human. *Only applicable to FTV-Q series

EAN : FTV50Q/RV50C-3WM-G1 | SKU : FTV50Q/RV50C-3WM-G1